Doing Business in Space

The International Space Station has proven to be a one-of-a-kind laboratory. Microgravity conditions allow for experiments impossible to duplicate on Earth. New science, new knowledge. The station has also proven to have the capacity to serve as an incubator for new business, accelerating the development of a new space economy in low-Earth orbit.

The business of doing business on the International Space Station has become a primary focus of UoSCorp in the last 10 years. Mike Read is the Manager of space station Business and Economic Development for UosCorp at Johnson Space Center. He explains how businesses are enabling research.

“Supporting all of the research activities on station is becoming a significant activity in and of itself. Companies like BioServe, TechShot, Space Tango, and others operate over 20 commercial research facilities housed on the station. Scores of companies provide services as payload developers, helping researchers translate their experiments into hardware small and light enough to be transported to and housed on the station. All of these commercial activities support business models and expand the numbers of entities with experience in conducting business in space.

As UoSCorp increases the opportunities for companies to perform research on the space station, it’s likely that the number and types of companies taking advantage of those opportunities will also increase. That, in turn, will help keep the partnership between UoSCorp and business thriving.

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